Becki Mastin


Becki Mastin was born and raised in Orlando and knows what Orlando was like before Disney. She began working in the legal field at the tender age of 22 for a large, local insurance defense firm. She started working with Keersten in 2016, where she was first introduced to family law. With Keersten’s mentoring and Becki’s desire to help people and love of the law, Becki worked her way from receptionist to legal assistant.

As the team prepares for litigation and eventually trial, it is Becki’s job to prepare exhibit binders, trial binders, and mediation binders. She also handles organizing all discovery. However, truly the most enjoyable part of her job is communicating with the clients. Answering questions or just having a sympathetic ear gives her a great sense of fulfillment. Becki is the proud mother of four amazing adult children and nine grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys the beach and spending time with her husband and family.