Contempt Of Court & Enforcement

Contempt of court can happy for many reasons. Unfortunately, not everyone pays what they are Court ordered to pay, and sometimes you are simply unable to pay what was ordered. What do you do when your ex-spouse ignores the Court Order or you have lost the ability to pay the Court Order for child support or alimony

Motion for Contempt of Court

When a party fails to pay Court Ordered Support, the Court has enforcement powers that can include incarceration in order to compel payment of the support obligations.

If despite all efforts to compel voluntary compliance the defaulting party still refuses to pay you may seek enforcement by filing a Motion for Contempt in order to enforce the support obligations.  

If the court finds in your favor that the other person has the ability to comply with the order and failed to do so, that person will be held in contempt and maybe incarcerated until they pay an amount of support they have the ability to pay. Having an experienced attorney help you through this entire process can be essential to a successful outcome.  Failing to present the proper evidence of the ability to pay will not give the Court what it needs to grant you the requested relief.

Are You Ordered to Pay and Cannot?

We also help when you are on the receiving end of a Motion for Enforcement and Contempt of Court. You may simply be unable to pay or may not have been properly credited with all of the payments made. 

This is a serious situation and you should therefore not take chances with an attorney that does not have sufficient experience to fight for your rights.

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