Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law can be the ideal solution for those couples that want to avoid the drama and conflict of litigation and maintain their privacy. It allows you to keep control of your lives and the lives of your children.  It also allows couples to customize a settlement that best fits the needs and circumstances of their family. Each person has an attorney who works together to settle any and all disputes. A couple hires a mental health professional and financial professionals as neutrals. They assist the family in reaching an agreement that is right for their particular circumstances.  Also, this process is typically less stressful. It is to keep the children free from the conflict inherent in the litigation process.

Is Collaborative Law right for you?

  • Each party must agree to honestly and openly disclose all documents and information
  • Neither party may take advantage of a miscalculation or mistake by the other
  • Each of you must commit to act respectfully and work together to come to an agreement
  • Each party agrees to handle the settlement with privacy, confidentiality, and dignity.
  • Everyone must be 100% invested in a settlement and an out-of-court resolution.

Even though this is a fairly new alternative to the typical litigation process, the Heskin Martinez Law Group has attorneys that are Collaboratively trained. We have been involved in developing the process since it started in the Central Florida area.  While all cases are not good candidates for the process, our attorneys have the experience necessary to help you determine the right option for you and proceed Collaboratively if that is the option you choose.

Please call us if you think Collaborative Family Law is a fit for you. Call us at 407-403-5990 or contact us (below) to schedule your appointment.