Christine M. Dowd

Christine M. Dowd is a Paralegal with over twenty years of accounting experience. Christine has extensive knowledge of financial reporting, client analysis and risk assessment. This diverse business experience makes her a unique asset to the Heskin Martinez Law Group. Christine not only serves in the role of Paralegal, she also specializes in investigative and forensic accounting for the…

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Avery Dawkins

Avery F. Dawkins is an Attorney with the Heskin Martinez Law Group and focuses her practice on family law. She is trained in the Collaborative Law Model, and strongly believes that parties and their children benefit immensely when settlements can be reached without court intervention. Avery received her Bachelor of Science degree cum laude from the…

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Keersten Heskin Martinez

Keersten Heskin Martinez is an Attorney with over twenty years of experience helping families in all aspects of family law cases.  Keersten is one of the few attorneys in the Orlando area who is Board Certified in Marital and Family Law. She specializes in Family Law including dissolution of marriage, custody proceedings, child support, paternity and…

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